Raising Great Kids: Developing the 24 Character Strengths

Recent pandemics, war, and mass shootings have stressed our kids more. We want to raise good kids, and these tough times have made us wonder how to do the job right.

I came across this old article by Steinburg-Kunts. She took it from Marin Seligman’s work on Character strength and virtues. With our busy lives, most of us could do a better job at helping our kids master the pillars of character strength. Maybe this summer is an excellent time to focus on each character’s strengths and create a way that they can explore each one in detail and imply in daily life.

Wisdom & Knowledge: Creativity, Curiosity, Open-mind, Love to learn, Wisdom

Courage: Bravery, Persistence, Integrity/Authentic

Humanity: Love, Kindness, Social Injustice

Justice: Citizenship, Fairness, Leadership

Temperance: Forgiveness/Mercy, Humility, Prudence, Self Regulation

Transcendence: Awe/Wonder, Gratitude, Hope/Optimism, Spirituality/Faith/Purpose & Meaning

If your kids are a little older, they can take the VIA Survey here. After taking the survey, you can recognize and focus on your key signature strength. Studies have shown that you can enhance those signature strengths that will get you to your happiness goals. Hey, why don’t you take a survey for yourself? It takes good twenty minutes or so.

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Thanks for reading till the end.

Tarak Vasavada, MD