We Don’t Need Self-care; We Need Boundaries

This Doximity article (submitted by my friend Dr. Debbie Kolb) discusses female professionals being bombarded with so much self-care advice. Author Pooja Lakshmin states that busy physicians do not have time for self-care (Go for solo lunch, pedicure, spa and massage, book clubs, etc.). She says that self-care begins with setting boundaries and not accepting more than you can. It means taking less pride in being busy and efficient. I am quoting Dr. Lakshmin “For me, setting boundaries means pausing whenever anyone asks me to do something and remembering I have three choices.

1. I can say yes

2. I can say no

3. I can negotiate.

For a long time, I didn’t recognize I had option 2 or 3.” She believes that we are already resilient and have been asked to do more and more by the system. We should not feel guilty and feel of letting others down. Compassion begins with yourself.

So next time you are asked to do something, think of options two and three and use that time wisely for self-care and healing.

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