Medscape Nurse Career Satisfaction Report 2021: it’s not that bad, but there are some warning signs

Recently, a Medscape survey of over 10,000 nurses (LPN, CRNA, CAN, and Nurse midwives) came out. This report is published at the crucial time when we have waves after waves of covid patients overloading the hospital system. 

  • 22% of interviewed had a death of a colleague from COVID
  • Over 85% are fully vaccinated.
  • Around 40% of nurses had decreased satisfaction being a nurse in the pandemic, while 13% had increased satisfaction.
  • 1/3 nurses are burned-out, and 30% are somewhat burned-out
  • 31% felt emotionally abused, most likely from managers, colleagues, and patients followed by physicians. Dig deeper here on the endemic of violence against the nurses.  
  • The most rewarding aspect was helping others and making changes in their lives. The least rewarding aspects were workplace/administration politics, patient load, and salary. 
  • Over 90% responded that they were glad to become a nurse. Amazingly 70% would choose to be a nurse again. 

Kudos to them. Please thank at least one nurse a day for their hard work. 

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