How To Be Resilient: Four Steps to Success When Life Gets Hard

A must-follow blog for positive well-being is from Eric Barker. In this blog, he talks about Icelandic life and how it has made them more resilient. Taking material from the book “Comfort Crisis” Barker outlines four steps.

1. Too much comfort: If provided early on, kids see a small problem as a big one, increasing mental distress in the next generation.

2. Boredom will motivate you. Boredom leads to creativity and creativity leads to success in life. Boredom is painful, and if applied rightfully it can propel you to super motivational stage.

3. Think about death: thinking about the end makes us appreciate the people around us more. One day I told my wife that based on our life expectancy, we have only 1000 weekends left. That has changed our perspectives.

4. Misogi: Misogi is challenging yourself to test your mettle and stretch the bounds of what you thought you were capable of. 

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