Friendship in the USA: Current Status, Change, Challenges, and Loss

The survey center of American life recently published a survey result on friendship. The pandemic has placed significant challenges on making or maintaining a friendship. 
-Our number of close friends has declined considerably from 30 years ago, when 33% of U.S. adults reported having 10 or more close friends, not counting relatives. Now, 13% say that. 
-In 1990, 75% of us said we had a “best friend.” This year, 59% said that. 
– Americans are getting lonely. Those with no friends are almost three times more likely to be unsatisfied with their life than those with more than 10 friends. 
– Fewer Americans appear to be relying on friends for personal support than in the past. 26% in 1990 vs. 16% in this study. 
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