Don’t want to retire? Here’s how to maintain a fulfilling career into your 80s and beyond

In 2019 the employment rate for Americans aged 75 or older was at its highest level at 6.8%, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Some data suggest that the number may rise to 10% by 2026. So, what makes these people work beyond their retirement age? 

1. They see business as a pleasure. Older people who revel in challenges are more likely to do well on cognitive tasks. For them, it’s a pleasure derived from the challenges. 

2. They exercise and eat healthily. 

3. They manage stress well. They can unwind and sleep better. 

4. They find meaning as “wisdom workers”: With families dispersed and grandchildren far away, these people focus on mentoring the younger generation. Not all cognitive abilities fade as we get older. Some skills, such as pattern recognition, emotional intelligence, and teaching, can keep improving until very late in life, said Dilip Jeste, a neuropsychiatrist at the University of California at San Diego and author of the recent book “Wiser.”

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