Are Wealthy Countries Happier than Poor Countries?

The factors that contribute to Happiness are as subjective and specific as the billions of humans they influence, but a few have continued to resonate over time. Family. Love. Purpose. Wealth. The first three examples are tough to measure, but the latter can be analyzed in a data-driven way.

Data visualization showing the relationship between wealth and happiness around the world
  • While the results don’t definitively point to wealth contributing to Happiness, there is a strong correlation across the board. The world’s poorest countries have the lowest happiness scores, and the wealthiest report being the happiest. 
  • In Latin America, people self-report more Happiness than the trend. On the flip side, many nations in the Middle East report slightly less Happiness than levels of wealth would predict. 
  • Does Happiness change with income inequality? Countries with lower income inequality (mostly Scandinavian and Baltics) also report more Happiness. African countries with high income inequality were the most unhappy. 

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